Benefit Communication

and Engagement

Enrollment is about more than just checking a box. We offer end-to-end, full service enrollments to engage your employees and ensure they fully understand and appreciate the benefits you offer:








​End-to-end service for your benefit needs

At no direct cost to you, we can provide customized benefits communication and education with full-service, end-to-end enrollment. Your employees will be better informed, which typically makes them more appreciative and more loyal to your business. Our benefits communication and education system follows these proven steps:

•Customize •Communicate 

•Educate •Enroll 

•Measure and Share

With health care reform changes in effect, the need for benefits communication and education is greater than ever. We can communicate the key changes to your employees and explain their options.

Our customized communications will provide all the ​benefits information your employees need.


Educate your employees about all of your benefit offerings with communications that:

• Inform them about their upcoming enrollment and promote their participation.

• Communicate as much as you want about all of your benefits, including medical plans, health care changes and wellness programs.

Our customized communications include emails, brochures, websites and more.

Pre-enrollment Communications

Group Meetings

Clapping Audience

Group meetings will help your employees know what they can expect during enrollment.


During these meetings, we’ll:

• Provide background on your benefits program.

• Highlight significant changes.

• Introduce new offerings.

• Prepare employees for their enrollment decisions.

Youville – Our Benefits​ 

Learning Center 


You can choose from two different styles for your Youville website.

Why pay to have a benefits learning website constructed when you can have this site at no ​direct cost to you? Our Youville sites are available to accounts with 50 or more employees.


These websites provide:

• Personalized benefit recommendations.
• Simple explanations of insurance terms.
• Benefits guidance for changing needs and different life stages.
• Retirement advice.